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Bruno Coulais

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Bruno Coulais

Bruno Coulais has been played on NTS in shows including Sega Bodega's Soundtrack Series, featured first on 21 January 2016. Songs played include La Fin Du Rêve - Dream's End.

Bruno Coulais is a French composer, born in Paris on 13 January 1954. He has a father from Vendée and his mother is an Iraqi Jew. He is most widely known for his music on film soundtracks.

Coulais began his musical education on the violin and piano, aiming to become a composer of contemporary classical music. However, a series of acquaintances gradually re-oriented him towards film music. Coulais was particularly influenced by director François Reichenbach, who…

La Fin Du Rêve - Dream's End
Bruno Coulais
Auvidis Travelling1996
La Fin Du Rêve - Dream's End
Bruno CoulaisAuvidis Travelling1996