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Sega Bodega's Soundtrack Series

London, 21.01.16

With Sega Bodega

The Crazylegs signee is just as set to drop tunes for the club as well as tunes for the movie theatre. You can expect re-composed film scores head to head with emo dancefloor ballads, packaged in a slick hour slot every month by your boy, Sega Bodega.


  • Bruno Coulais 
    La Fin Du Rêve - Dream's End
  • Andy Scott
  • 梅林茂 
    Yumeji's Theme (夢二のテーマ)
  • Elis Regina 
    Aguas De Marco
  • Lalo Schiffrin
    Tango Del Atardecer
  • Floating Lanterns On A River
    James Wong
  • Forever Headline
    Lorenzo Senni
  • Sega Bodega
    Eraser Head
  • Malibu
  • BEA1991 
    Big World For Lovers
  • Portishead 
    Machine Gun
  • Virginia Astley 
    A Summer Long Since Past
  • Sakamoto Hiromichi
    Ultima Tsukiuo (The Moonfish)