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Christine Groult

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Christine Groult

Christine Groult has been played on NTS in shows including Confused Temporalities , featured first on 28 January 2016. Songs played include Pierres Cantabiles.

Christine Groult is based in France and has composed music for concert, theatre, choreography and documentary. Groult is an Avant-Garde composer who likes to expose the subtle, and less obvious qualities of sound. An example of this would be the opening track of her album “La Condition Captive,” in which she uses wind instruments in a unique way, focusing on tremors and inconsistencies while surrounding these explorations with a cushion of ethereal sound. The rest of the album is varied in…

Pierres Cantabiles
Christine Groult
trAce Label2006
Pierres Cantabiles
Christine GroulttrAce Label2006