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Wytch Hazel

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Wytch Hazel

Wytch Hazel has been played on NTS in shows including Radio Fenriz, featured first on 26 May 2016. Songs played include He Shall Reign.

In the parallel universe where the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal happened 600 years early, WYTCH HAZEL are the band of choice for the discerning Plantagenet headbanger…

*** Wytch Hazel III:Pentecost ***

Over the past near-decade, Lancashire’s medieval metal phenomenon Wytch Hazel have been honing an uncommonly wholesome, rustic and devotional brand of timewarped hard rock that’s all their own, with 2016’s Prelude and 2018’s II: Sojourn summoning to mind fevered images of Robin Hood and his Merry Men grooving to Jethro…

He Shall Reign
Wytch Hazel
Bad Omen Records2016
He Shall Reign
Wytch HazelBad Omen Records2016