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Stranger Son Of WB

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Stranger Son Of WB

Stranger Son Of WB has been played on NTS in shows including OnoTesla, featured first on 25 March 2017. Songs played include Einstein's Getaway.

'STRANGER SON OF WB' have now shortened their name to 'STRANGER SON'. STRANGER SON is a separate page here on Last FM. >>

STRANGER SON are a Manchester-based collective headed by Gareth Smith, featuring members from Gnod and LoneLady.

The new Stranger Son album ‘’Last Days Of Butterfly’’ is to be released 25.11.13 on Leonard Skully Records.

‘’Last Days Of Butterfly’‘, Stranger Son’s third album, took place in a drained Edwardian pool in a listed building in Manchester, and was recorded and…

Einstein's Getaway
Stranger Son Of WB
White Box2009
Einstein's Getaway
Stranger Son Of WBWhite Box2009