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Onotesla w/ Karl D'Silva

Manchester, 25.03.17

With Karl D'Silva

Onotesla (Ono-Tesla tapes) is a Rīga based program that was originally started by Michael Holland and Paddy Shine in the Manchester studios but has since developed a nomadic exploratory based structure highlighting experimental rhythmic based music made mostly by outsiders. 


  • Basil Kirchin 
    Quantum Part of Part 1
  • Jeep Solid
    Apares Prefab Sprout
  • D’Eon
    Transparency Pt. III - Ii
  • Marcus Schmickler
    Wabi Sabi
  • Ayshay 
  • Blanck Mass 
    Silent Treatment
  • Karl ’n’ Mike
  • Scheich In China
    Track 2
  • Uniform 
    The Killing Of America
  • Bong Water
    David Bowie Wants Ideas
  • Menstruation Sisters
  • Drunk In Hell
    I’m An Asshole
  • Stranger Son Of WB 
    Einstein's Getaway
  • White Medal 
    On t'Borough
  • Manu Shanker Mishra 
    Hey Bo
  • Howlround 
    Torridon Gate (Side 1)
  • Live Low 
    To The Earth
  • Stranger Son
    Lunar Marseille
  • Trepaneringsritualen 
    A Black Egg
  • Units 
    High Pressure Days
  • Hayward, Coxon, Thomas, Taylor 
  • Stuart Chalmers
    STE 058
  • Karl D’Silva
  • Vanishing
    The Cleaner
  • Beppu
    Constructive Discontent
  • Glenn Branca 
    Lesson No.1 For Electric Guitar
  • Jeep Solid
    Catholic FM
  • Dice Miller & Michael Holland
    Sermon Collage Remix
  • Einstürzende Neubauten 
    Die Interimsliebenden
  • Andy Haas
    The Rush To Buy Heaven