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Harry Christophers

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Harry Christophers

Harry Christophers has been played on NTS shows including Tafelmusik w/ Francesco Fusaro, with Salve Regina first played on 28 March 2017.

After thirty-one years of world-wide performance and recording, The Sixteen is recognised as one of the world’s greatest ensembles. Comprising both choir and period-instrument orchestra, The Sixteen's total commitment to the music it performs is its greatest distinction. Its special reputation for performing early English polyphony, masterpieces of the Renaissance, bringing fresh insights into Baroque and early Classical music and a diversity of 20th Century music, is drawn from the passions of conductor and founder, Harry Christophers.

At home in the UK, The Sixteen…

Salve Regina
The Sixteen, Harry Christophers
Collins Classics1995
Salve Regina
The Sixteen, Harry ChristophersCollins Classics1995