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Wild Thing

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Wild Thing

Wild Thing has been played on NTS shows including Jimmy's Punk Show, with Don't Need It first played on 11 August 2017.

Wild Thing refers to many artists

1) René van der Weijde

2) A american hardcore band from Houston, Tx.

3) A garage punk band from San Francisco, CA. Their "You're a Punk" 7-inch was released on Clown College Records in 2009. Their second 7-inch "Age Difference" was released in 2010.

Line Up: Nasty Neil - Guitar/Vocals Brace Belden - Bass/Vocals King of the Forest - Drums

Don't Need It
Wild Thing
Not On Label (Wild Thing (6) Self-released)2016
Don't Need It
Wild ThingNot On Label (Wild Thing (6) Self-released)2016