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Two Knights

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Two Knights

Two Knights has been played on NTS in shows including Jimmy's Punk Show, featured first on 11 August 2017. Songs played include A Dime Is A Titan .

two knights is a stupid crybaby band from texas.

friends since 2006 band since 2009 stupid forever


'Quilt Chamberlain' 6-song EP 'Innards/Two Knights Split' CD/7" '2011 Tour EP' split CD w/ Warren Franklin 'Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)/Mountains for Clouds/Two Knights/Driving on City Sidewalks' split 7" 'A Lot of Bad Things Have Happened, but We're Still Here' 10" 'Shut Up' 12" 'Effing' 12" EP

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A Dime Is A Titan
Two Knights
Count Your Lucky Stars2013
A Dime Is A Titan
Two KnightsCount Your Lucky Stars2013