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Didier Sinclair

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Didier Sinclair

Didier Sinclair has been played on NTS shows including Soul in Paradise w/ Jamma Dee, with Chris Pi Taste first played on 24 August 2017.

Didier Sinclair (French pronunciation: /didje sɛ̃klɛʁ/, real name: Didier Maurin /moʁɛ̃/, born March 24, 1965 in Montpellier - died October 30, 2008 in Paris) was a French record producer and DJ. Profile : Radio pioneer Pioneer of french "FM", Didier Sinclair started his career in 1982 on different local radios of Montpellier as animator and DJ. In 1984, he starts to work for NRJ radio station in Montpellier and two years later for FUN Radio. From 1987 to 1991, Didier has a residency…

Chris Pi Taste
DJ Didier Sinclair (Chris Pi mix)
Serial Records1999
Chris Pi Taste
DJ Didier Sinclair (Chris Pi mix)Serial Records1999