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Soul in Paradise w/ Jamma Dee

Los Angeles, 24.08.17

With Jamma-Dee

Jamma Dee holds the ticket to paradise - plug in for a monthly delve into soulful sounds, Balearic jams, classic house and more...

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  • Chanté Moore
    Love's Taken Over
  • Paul Weller
    Above The Clouds
  • Carl Henry
    Crazy Love (Instrumental)
  • Mary J. Blige
    My Love (Remix)
  • Soul II Soul
  • Billy Lo
    Drop (Remix)
  • Four Sure, Father MC
    Innocent Girl (Instrumental)
  • Miles Jaye
    Irresistible (Out The Box Mix)
  • J.T. Taylor
    Long Hot Summer Night (Long, Hot Extended Club)
  • Steepuljax
    Now Who's Laughing (Message From Jessica Mix)
  • Ce Ce Peniston
    I 'm In The Mood (East 87th St. Mix)
  • Jade
    Don't Walk Away Instrumental Mix
  • DJ EFX
    Summer Places
  • Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Delinquent Soul Rebel
    Baller´s Night Out
  • Benedek
  • Amp Fiddler
    Cool About It
  • Juliet Roberts
    Caught In The Middle (Hip Hop Mix)
  • Scott White
    I Don't Understand It Instrumental
  • Kareem Kool
  • K-Yze
    Shout It Out (Afrythmix Dub)
  • Kheral
    I Loved You First (The Vocal Rub)
  • Tropical Moon
  • Wally Callerio
    My Flow
  • L.U.S.T.
    Let's Make Love 2 Night (French Tickler Mix)
  • Bardeux
    I Love To Bass (Man Throwin' Down Instrumental)
  • Ceybil Jefferies
    Open Your Heart (Extended Club Mix)
  • Gil Silverbird
    Fool's Paradise (Instrumental)
  • Reggie Hall
    Music (Industrial Autosoul Mix)
  • House Culture
    The Groove Has Got Me (The Don's 5 Dancing Ladies Mix)
  • LNR
    Work It To The Bone
  • Didier Sinclair
    Chris Pi Taste
  • Keyman Edwards
    Loves Got 2 Be Strong (Key To The Club Mix)
  • Big Sista
    Touch Me (Radio Cut)
  • Joe Church
    I Can't Wait Too Long (Club Version)
  • Transphonic
    Goddamn (Trunkadelic Version)
  • Michael Griffin
    It's That Rhythm (Underground Thrillseeker Mix)
  • Mazi Namvar
    Do You Want Me? (Mazi Original Mix)
  • Loose Baggage
    Dancin' (Live Fusion Mix)
  • Sabrina Johnston
    Reasons (Original Radio Mix)
  • Cameo Culture
    Will Be Free
  • Maureen Parker
    Whatcha Do (Marques Wyatt Deep Bump)
  • Soul Creation
    Never Over (Club Mix)
  • Nu-Birth
    Anytime (Original Mix)
  • Expresso Seven
    Long Remembered Thunder