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Nic Potter

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Nic Potter

Nic Potter has been played on NTS shows including Whodis? w/ 56 DJs, with Intelligent Shoes Of Canvas first played on 30 August 2017.

Nic Potter (born in Wiltshire, England, on 18 October 1951; died 17 January 2013 in London) was a British bassist, composer and painter. He is best-remembered for his work with the group Van der Graaf Generator in the 1970s. In 1983 he started a solo-career, and released a number of albums with mostly electronic music.

Before joining Van der Graaf Generator, Potter from a very early age (1968) played bass in a band called "The Misunderstood ", and that's how he met…

Intelligent Shoes Of Canvas
Nic Potter
Zomart Records1984
Intelligent Shoes Of Canvas
Nic PotterZomart Records1984