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Paul Lemos

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Paul Lemos

Paul Lemos has been played on NTS in shows including SKYAPNEA, featured first on 23 October 2017. Songs played include The Drowning Part 2.

Paul Lemos is an original member of New York-based outfit Controlled Bleeding, as well as its offshoots Joined At The Head, Skin Chamber and Fat Hacker. He was also responsible for the Arizona/Placebo Records "Dry Lungs" compilations. After Controlled Bleeding was discontinued in 2000, he formed Breast Fed Yak with fellow Controlled Bleeding member Joe Papa and Ruins drummer Tatsuya Yoshida. They released the album Get Your Greasy Head Off The Sham in 2003. In more recent years, renewed interest and…

The Drowning Part 2
Paul Lemos, Joe Papa
Artware Production1993
The Drowning Part 2
Paul Lemos, Joe PapaArtware Production1993