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Pepe Jara

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Pepe Jara

Pepe Jara has been played on NTS in shows including Como La Flor w/ Jazmin , featured first on 31 October 2017. Songs played include El Andariego.

Pepe Jara, also know as "El Trovador Solitario", was a Mexican singer of boleros, born on 25 December 1928 in Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, México - and pasted away on 30 July 2005 in México City). The most important interperter of the Oaxacan composor Álvaro Carrillo. His most famous interpretation was "El Andariego".

In the 50s he was part of various trios such as: "Los Pepes" and "el Culiacán y Los Duendes". Together with Gilberto Valenzuela he…

El Andariego
Pepe Jara
RCA Victor0
El Andariego
Pepe JaraRCA Victor0