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Los Angeles, 23.09.20

With Clairo

Dreamy alternative pop singer and songwriter Clairo takes to the NTS airwaves once a month.


  • Stefano Torossi 
    La Bella Addormentata
  • Stefano Torossi 
    Loving Tenderly
  • Margo Guryan 
    Why Do I Cry
  • The Grooms 
    I Deserve A Little Bit More
  • Richard Hawley 
    For Your Lover Give Some Time
  • Woo & Ruby
    The Shadow Of The Land
  • Woo 
    The Western
  • Lauren Auder 
    June 14th
  • Unreleased MM
    Unreleased MM
  • Monik 
    The World Is Getting Worst
  • Mojave 3 
    My Life In Art
  • Milly 
    Talking Secret
  • Czar 
  • Gastr De Sol
    The Seasons Reverse
  • Shigeo Sekito 
    マイ・スウィート・ガール = My Sweet Girl
  • N.B.
    So Sound