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Tony Lowe

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Tony Lowe

Tony Lowe was first played on NTS on 2 November 2017. Songs played include Line Stepper.

Composer, Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter and Independent Producer.

Since 2005 Tony has released four albums of his own material including two collaborations with Alison Fleming (which made the ballots for the Grammys in fourteen categories over two years), a well reviewed atmospheric-improvised CD collaboration with Yumi Hara Cawkwell, and is set to release his new album ‘reflector’ on October 20th 2011. He is also working with Simon Townshend on a new CD set for a 2012 release and a new Album project with Alison Fleming.

Tony is passionate about human rights, the peace…

Line Stepper
Tony Lowe
Kennedy's Intl.1986
Line Stepper
Tony LoweKennedy's Intl.1986