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Peg Leg Sam

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Peg Leg Sam

Peg Leg Sam has been played on NTS in shows including Death Is Not The End, featured first on 18 November 2017. Songs played include Walking Cane.

Peg Leg Sam was a performer to be treasured, a member of what may have been the last authentic traveling medicine show, a harmonica virtuoso, and an extraordinary entertainer. Born Arthur Jackson, he acquired his nickname after a hoboing accident in 1930. His medicine show career began in 1938, and his repertoire -- finally recorded only in the early '70s -- reflected the rustic nature of the traveling show. "Peg" delivered comedy routines, bawdy toasts, and monologs; performed…

Walking Cane
Peg Leg Sam Jackson
Smithsonian Folkways2010
Walking Cane
Peg Leg Sam JacksonSmithsonian Folkways2010