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Marco Zaffarano

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Marco Zaffarano

Marco Zaffarano has been played on NTS in shows including KESTREL EXPLORATIONS, featured first on 22 November 2017. Songs played include Die Schlangenfrau.

Marco Zaffarano is a German techno and trance DJ and producer. He started DJing in 1987 and in 1990 he became a resident DJ at Club OZ in Stuttgart. He performs live acts alongside Jürgen Kreschel since 1992. He released many singles and one full length album titled He Was Once A Beautiful Woman (1996) released by MFS label. He was also a member of several groups including Minimalism and Malixx.

Die Schlangenfrau
Marco Zaffarano
Future Music Magazine1997
Die Schlangenfrau
Marco ZaffaranoFuture Music Magazine1997