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Nipple Erectors

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Nipple Erectors

Nipple Erectors has been played on NTS shows including Yesterday's News, with So Pissed Off first played on 6 December 2017.

The Nipple Erectors were a British punk rock band formed in London in 1977, and are notable as The Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan's first musical group.

Initially consisting of vocalist/songwriter MacGowan (known at the time as 'Shane O'Hooligan'), bassist/songwriter/original punk artist Shanne Bradley (later of The Men They Couldn't Hang), guitarist/artist Roger Towndrow and drummer Arcane Vendetta; the band released four singles and there was one bootleg live album between 1978 and 1981. Although initially inspired by the The Stooges, the Nipple Erectors split…

So Pissed Off
Nipple Erectors
Not On Label (Nipple Erectors)2002
So Pissed Off
Nipple ErectorsNot On Label (Nipple Erectors)2002