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NTS Guide to: Baltimore Club

Baltimore, 28.03.24

Ayooo! 60 minutes of the bumpingist Baltimore club anthems, perfect for your next house party.


  • 0:00:08
    DJ Diamond K
    Hey You Knuckle Heads
  • 0:02:03
    Rod Lee 
    Boy Don't Waste My Time
  • 0:03:59
    Griff, Booman 
    Who's In The House (Original Mix)
  • Griff, Booman 
    Pick Em Up
  • Griff-Man 
    Break It Down (Beat Down)
  • Rod Lee 
    I'm A Freak
  • DJ Technics 
    Mr Postman
  • DJ Boo-Man 
    Bumpin (Sweet Dreams)
  • DJ Rod Lee 
    Can You Hang Baby?
  • DJ Technics 
  • KW Griff
    Yall Aint Safe
  • Rod Lee, Roderick Lee
    Dance My Pain Away
  • DJ Booman 
  • KW Griff feat. Pork Chop 
    Bring In The Katz
  • DJ Manny 
    Down The Hill
  • DJ Technics 
    My Life (Extra)
  • Rod Lee, Roderick Lee
  • Diamond K 
    Put Ya Leg Up
  • King Amir (Tim Le El mix) 
    Samir's Theme (Tim Le El Remix)
  • K-Swift
    Feel It In The Air
  • Blaqstarr _K-Swift
    HEY M_therfuckers (Shakeoff)
  • DJ Technics 
    Party People