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NTS Guide to: Miami Bass

Miami, 14.06.23

An hour of raucous booty bass from the 80s and 90s.


  • Push It
    Salt N Pepa
  • Splack Pack 
    Scrub Da Ground
  • MC Shy D 
    Tearin' It Up (Vocal)
  • The 2 Live Crew 
    Get Loose Now
  • 85 South
  • 95 South 
    Bass Check II
  • Luke 
    I Wanna Rock
  • 95 South 
    Hump Wit' It
  • MC Shy-D 
    I'm Not A Star
  • The Egyptian Lover 
    Popper's Anthem
  • Miami Bass Tracks
    Bass In The Shade
  • 95 South 
  • The Egyptian Lover 
    She's So Freaky
  • Gigolo Tony 
    The Player
  • 95 South 
  • The L.A Dream Team
    Rockberry Jam (Tony G. QuickBump Edit)
  • 69Boyz 
    Tootsee Roll
  • Quad City DJ's 
    C'mon N' Ride It (The Train)
  • 95 South Boon
    Key Drop
  • Miami Bass Tracks
    Booty Shake
  • Miami Bass Tracks
    Leave This Bass
  • M.C.C. (Maggatron Crushing Crew) 
    The Bass That Ate Miami