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Jeremy Young

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Jeremy Young

Jeremy Young has been played on NTS shows including Francis Redman, with Fiction 1 first played on 18 February 2018.

Jeremy Young is a composer and improviser of concrète electronic and tape music from Montreal, Quebec. He is a member of the New York-based electroacoustic modern classical trio Sontag Shogun as well as the Montreal-based experimental poetrysound unit Cloud Circuit. His most recent albums include Dizzy, Congested Musick (2018, Neologist Productions/Royal Editions), The Poetics of Time-Space (2017, Silken Tofu) and Total Fiction with Shinya Sugimoto and Julia Kent (2017, The Phinery) and his forthcoming album, Amaro, features contributions from Vito Ricci, Pauline Kim Harris, Johannes…

Fiction 1
Shinya Sugimoto, Jeremy Young, Julia Kent
Phinery Tapes2017
Fiction 1
Shinya Sugimoto, Jeremy Young, Julia KentPhinery Tapes2017