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Setrak Sarkissian

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Setrak Sarkissian

Setrak Sarkissian has been played on NTS shows including A Kiss In Your Ear w/ Victor Kiswell, with Ya Salat Ezzeyn first played on 23 February 2018.

There are many master players of the Tabla, the Arabic goblet-shaped drum, but any discussion of the best of these drummers will surely mention Setrak Sarkissian. For decades he has been widely regarded as one of the finest percussionists in the Middle East, winning numerous awards there and in Europe for his prodigious, unique technique, his brilliant musicianship, and his important contributions to both traditional and modern Arabic music. His compositions and arrangements have been featured on over…

Ya Salat Ezzeyn
Toni Frangieh, Setrak Sarkissian
Ya Salat Ezzeyn
Toni Frangieh, Setrak SarkissianEMI1977