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Mushroom's Patience

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Mushroom's Patience

Mushroom's Patience has been played on NTS shows including Are You Before, with Eaten Alive first played on 5 March 2018.

Mushroom's Patience was an Italian avantgarde band, formed in 1985 by Raffaele Cerroni (a.k.a.) Dither Craf in Rome. Their music melts acid jazz, noise, electronics, experimental sounds and improvisation.

They began by releasing various cassette demos via their own label Atropina Manufactory and debiuted publishing "Dicer's Oath" album on vinyl in 1991. They continued to exist in the underground making their material limited and hard to find. They however signed for the Austrian label Hau Ruck!, which reissued many of their deleted records on…

Eaten Alive
Mushroom's Patience
Hau Ruck!2002
Eaten Alive
Mushroom's PatienceHau Ruck!2002