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Are You Before w/ Brannten Schnüre

London, 05.03.18

With Brannten Schnüre

Are You Before presents a special guest mix from the experimental folk group Brannten Schnüre.

Words from Brannten Schnüre: "This is a selection of music that inspired Brannten Schnüre. Songs from the past and present times, mostly instrumentals, all dripping with longing, sadness and passion. And among this urban mysticism, a song from our unreleased album 'Erinnerungen an Gesichter' which will be released on Kiran Sande's new label 'Low Company' this summer."

Illustration by Christian Schoppik of Brannten Schnüre.

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  • Daniel Emmanuel
    Rain Forest Music - Floating Rain
  • Nový Svět
    Solo Los Solos
  • Brahim Yilmaz
    The Air Was Warm And Damp, Walking Through The Bocage In Mid August
  • David Jackman
    Flag Of Surrender
  • Vox Populi!
    Gole Mariam
  • Jac Berrocal
    Lisylis Pavillon
  • Anne Gillis
    Orestie II
  • Ghèdalia Tazartès
    Une Èclipse Totale De Soleil
  • Broadcast
    Microtronics 20
  • Johanna Liebhart
  • Tusen År Under Jord
    Sorgsendömet Fobos
  • Guenter Schlienz
    Games At The Creek
  • Brannten Schnüre
    Wir Im Dickicht Der Garagendachbegrünung
  • Yoran
    Je Derve Avec Láir
  • Mushroom's Patience
    Eaten Alive
  • Carl Orff, Gunild Keetman
    Procession – Ostinato
  • Indirect, Nikolaienko