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Ivan Shopov

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Ivan Shopov

Ivan Shopov has been played on NTS in shows including Zuli , featured first on 3 July 2018. Songs played include Our Choices Are Prepaid.

The Bulgarian musician, producer and fine artist Ivan Shopov (also known as Cooh / Balkansky) presented his music and art in Europe, South America, USA, Asia, Russia, Australia and New Zealand. Publishing his numerous projects for some of the biggest international music companies, his music reaches all over the world. His wide interest in the electronic music world leaded to different projects in the styles of techno, drum and bass, idm, jazz, ambient and classical music. What distinguishes him is…

Our Choices Are Prepaid
Valance Drakes, Ivan Shopov
Amek, Etheraudio Studio2018
Our Choices Are Prepaid
Valance Drakes, Ivan ShopovAmek, Etheraudio Studio2018