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Clarence Barlow

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Clarence Barlow

Clarence Barlow has been played on NTS in shows including SKYAPNEA, featured first on 23 May 2015. Songs played include …until… - Version #7 (1981).

Clarence Barlow (born December 27, 1945) is a composer of classical and electroacoustic works. He was born in Calcutta, a member of the anglophone minority, of British and Portuguese descent. He studied at the Calcutta University, at the Trinity College of Music in London (Calcutta Centre), at the Musikhochschule Köln (Music University Cologne) and at the Institute of Sonology at Utrecht University.

He was one of the founders of GIMIK: Initiative Musik und Informatik Köln. In 1988 he was the director…

…until… - Version #7 (1981)
Clarence Barlow
Maria de Alvear World Edition2018
…until… - Version #7 (1981)
Clarence BarlowMaria de Alvear World Edition2018