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S K Y A P N E A w/ Juniper Foam

Rome, 23.05.15

With Giovanni Marco Civitenga

Broken club, dubbed out sounds, experimental electronics and atonal drifts: Gio’s monthly broadcasts are high contrast assemblages that move at a slow pace.


  • Soonton Chairoogruen 
    Lam Thuy Sao Jao Na
  • Unidentified Woman
    Cântec De Leagan (Recording: Alan Lomax)
  • Radio Thailand
    Welcome To The World Of Music
  • Kink Gong 
    Cymb Wu Khmu
  • Juniper Foam
    A Portrait Of Chris Marker
  • Body/Head 
    The Canyon
  • Robert Ashley 
    A Place In The Country (Scene 17)
  • Alan Courtis 
  • Anonymous (Robertsbridge Codex)
    Estampie Retrove
  • Unknown
    Cassette Labeled “Arabic”
  • King Britt
    In Search Of Stamen
  • Reynols 
    10 000 Chickens Symphony (Part C)
  • Anonymous (Montpellier Codex)
    Ne M'a Pas Oublié
  • Charlemagne Palestine 
    Beauty Chord + Voice
  • Jason Grier 
    Der Wind Und Das Meer
  • Robert Ashley 
    Mr. George Payne (Scene 8)
  • Payne And Relph
    Mixtape (Terry Riley, “You’re No Good”)
  • Munir Bachir 
    Maqâmat Mukhâlif, Awshâr, Sigâh, Sabâ
  • Toshimaru Nakamura
    No-Input Mixing Board 43
  • Grouper 
  • Clarence Barlow 
    …until… - Version #7 (1981)
  • Juniper Foam
  • Tjong Pow 
    Rap Industry Standard
  • Michael Pisaro
    Four Messages (Realization: Juniper Foam)
  • Kink Gong 
    Baozoo Khen