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Lelijveld was first played on NTS on 17 March 2018. Songs played include Come To Mind.

Truth are master collaborators. Their Shadow People project with Youngsta earlier this year and regular link-ups with Taso, Joker, D Double E, Killa P and Sgt Pokes are just some of many examples of their co-operative mindset.

But if there’s been one particularly prominent collaborator over the last four years it’s been fellow New Zealand songwriter and singer Phoebe Leyten AKA Lelijveld. Ever since appearing on Truth’s 2014 album Hollow World, Lelvijevld’s distinctive smoky, jazzy and subtly dreamy vocals have compounded Truth’s mystic, foreboding signature with an additional layer of soulful…

Come To Mind
Truth feat. Lelijveld
Firepower Records2015
Come To Mind
Truth feat. LelijveldFirepower Records2015