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Forest Silence

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Forest Silence

Forest Silence has been played on NTS shows including Noise In My Head, with The Face Of Silence first played on 17 July 2018.

Forest Silence is a one man ambient black metal band from Szombathely, Hungary. Winter started the project in 1996, originally as a dark ambient side project of his main band Sear Bliss. Forest Silence has since became his main band and the sound has turned into atmospheric ambient black metal.

Discography: 1997 - The third Winter (demo) 2000 - Winter Circle (demo) 2002 - The Eternal Winter (demo) 2006 - Philosophy of Winter (full-length) 2010 - Winter Ritual (EP) 2013 - The Third Winter / Winter Circle (compilation…

The Face Of Silence
Forest Silence
Sigillvm Tenebrae Records2013
The Face Of Silence
Forest SilenceSigillvm Tenebrae Records2013