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Talk West

Talk West has been played on NTS in shows including Awkward Movements, featured first on 8 November 2014. Songs played include Veined Strata.

Coming off like a post-rock Loren Connors, Tulsa's Dylan Aycock (a.k.a. Talk West) plays a sort of disconnected blues, sparse and twinkly and replete with the American guitar idioms we all know and love. On the eleven-minute "Willow and The Dogwood," from Talk West's upcoming debut LP, Black Coral Sprig, tape hiss fills in the negative space between Aycock's melodic noodling, making for a warm atmosphere that hints at the anthemic aspirations of and act like, say, Explosions In The Sky, without…

Veined Strata
Talk West
Marmara Records2014
Veined Strata
Talk WestMarmara Records2014