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Tak Shindo

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Tak Shindo

Tak Shindo has been played on NTS shows including Boom Bip, with Bali Ha'I first played on 13 August 2018.

Tak Shindo (1922–2002) led an extraordinary musical career while remaining primarily in the background. He served as arranger, composer, and musical advisor for film, television, radio, and Las Vegas revues. He released several successful albums in the exotica genre, was a dance band leader who never missed a New Year’s Eve in forty years, performed in recording sessions on koto and on a variety of band instruments, acted in bit parts in Hollywood, served as a translator and tour guide in Japan, was a musical…

Bali Ha'I
Tak Shindo
Capitol Records1959
Bali Ha'I
Tak ShindoCapitol Records1959