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Organ tapes - Barrett Avner takeover

London, 29.08.22

With Organ Tapes

Organ Tapes and friends play disparate music plied and wrenched together with religious fervour. Sound of E5 上海 monthly on a Monday.


  • NUDO
    Baillardo Towards The Blue
  • Coolwater
    World’s Milk
  • Poison Girl Friend 
  • Antena 
    Camino Del Sol
  • Momus 
  • The Units (Todd Terje mix) 
    High Pressure Days (Todd Terje Remix)
  • Tzusing 
    Frankincense And Myrrh
  • S.Candle 
    Technogenic Intimacy
  • Felt 
    Ancient City Where I Lived
  • Louis Phillipe 
    Like Nobody Do
  • Denim 
    Middle Of The Road
  • Philip Lynott 
    Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
  • Elusin
    Elskling 2
  • RTX 
    Speed To Roam
  • Koil
    Somoga Kau Sembuh Pt 2.
  • Lalleshwari
    Dark Angel
  • Tak Shindo 
    Huts Of Kichwamba
  • Hayden Kolb
    Stars Over Me
  • Terje Rypdal
    Heat OST #5