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A. G. Cook: Britpop Present

London, 29.04.24

With A. G. Cook

Three shows, one for each disc of A. G. Cook’s third album Britpop. Divided into Past, Present & Future, the album rewires the links between electronic music, traditional songwriting and experimental sound design.


  • A. G. Cook
    Unknown Track
  • A. G. Cook
  • Victauria 
    All Will Come To Pass
  • A. G. Cook & Underscores
    Unknown Track
  • Jónsi
    Cannibal (Witn Elizabeth Fraser)
  • easyFun 
  • A. G. Cook
  • A. G. Cook
    Unknown Track
  • Thy Slaughter, A. G. Cook, easyFun 
    O Fortuna
  • Steve Vai 
    Ballerina 12/24
  • Felicita, A. G. Cook 
    Spalarkle (Alys Cook Edit)
  • Alaska Reid 
  • Thy Slaughter
    Fountain (3AM Mix)
  • Glenn Gould, Bach 
    Prelude And Fugue No. 21 In B-flat Major
  • Noel Harrison 
    The Windmills Of Your Mind
  • A. G. Cook & Alaska Reid
    Unknown Track
  • Kurt Vile 
    Pretty Pimpin
  • Porches
    Rag (A. G. Cook Edit)
  • Victauria 
  • A. G. Cook
    Nice To Meet You (Live At Witchfork Music Festival)
  • A. G. Cook feat. Cecile Believe 
    Show Me What
  • A. G. Cook
    Unknown Track
  • Dolly Parton 
    Hard Candy Christmas
  • A. G. Cook