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A. G. Cook: Britpop Future

London, 06.05.24

With A. G. Cook

Three shows, one for each disc of A. G. Cook’s third album Britpop. Divided into Past, Present & Future, the album rewires the links between electronic music, traditional songwriting and experimental sound design.


  • A. G. Cook
    Equine (Starburned Edit)
  • Marcin Pietruszewski 
    tnpgr (shifting(glissement) modulator)
  • Umru
  • Whitby Art Music Ensemble
    Things That Dogs Bark At (Parts 1 & 2)
  • A. G. Cook
    Unknown Track
  • Max Tundra (A. G. Cook mix) 
    Lights (A. G. Cook Remix)
  • Charli XCX
    So I (WWW Edit)
  • British Popular Choir
    Like Brit
  • Yulefish
    Blue Heron
  • Dux Kidz feat. Raffy 
    Party On My Own
  • Holly Waxwing & Rose Modular
    Soft Shell
  • A. G. Cook
    Unknown Track
  • Madonna 
    Don't Tell Me
  • Thy Slaughter
    Unknown Track
  • A. G. Cook
    Unknown Track
  • Tom Mudd
    Romantic Chord, The Brook And The Pool
  • A. G. Cook
    Out of Time