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Golden Sounds

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Golden Sounds

Golden Sounds has been played on NTS shows including Whirldfuzzz, with Lamido first played on 1 July 2018.

Golden Sounds or Zangalewa is a makossa group from Cameroon. It was which was led by a career member of Cameroon’s presidential guard, Jean Paul Zé Bella. The men in the group provided comical musical entertainment, oftening dressing in military uniforms, wearing pith helmets and stuffing their clothes with pillows to appear like they had a swollen rears from riding the train and fat stomachs from eating too much. The band is most famous for its song, Zangalewa. The popular song, Zangalewa Music Video which was…

Hamad Kalkaba, The Golden Sounds
Analog Africa2017
Hamad Kalkaba, The Golden SoundsAnalog Africa2017