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The Flood

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The Flood

The Flood has been played on NTS shows including Bahamian Moor, with Cold, Cold World (Tango Mix) first played on 20 October 2018.

There are at least two bands named "The Flood," and it is not clear how many are still active.

"The Flood" of Tallahassee, Florida, comprised of Patrick Barfield, Brad Foutch, Kevan McCann, Keith Klawinski, brings a plethora of influences to stage and studio, such ranging from classic rock, to traditional and alternative electric blues, jazz, and funk. The finesse and dynamism of Keith’s drumming, the vivacity and thunder of Kevan’s bass lines, the raw edge and vigor of Pat’s vocals and guitar,…

Cold, Cold World (Tango Mix)
The Flood
Midnight Music1984
Cold, Cold World (Tango Mix)
The FloodMidnight Music1984