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Mr. Live

Mr. Live has been played on NTS in shows including Ted Draws, featured first on 20 November 2018. Songs played include Hunger Strike (Dirty).

“Mr 360.” The only justifiable way to describe the verbal antics of Mr. Live.

Born In the borough of Brooklyn, Mr. Live developed a way of speak that would set him apart from the average emcee. In 1990 Mr. Live (then Jaelive) was signed to "Profile Records" under the group E&JAE and was embraced by such artist as Run-D.M.C., Dana Dane, and Special Ed. After this, the group changed their name to Blacrayn and spent this time on the New York underground…

Hunger Strike (Dirty)
Mr. Live feat. Tony Bones
Fondle 'Em1996
Hunger Strike (Dirty)
Mr. Live feat. Tony BonesFondle 'Em1996