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Shahin Badar

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Shahin Badar

Shahin Badar has been played on NTS shows including Murlo, with Happiness (Champion Mix) first played on 27 September 2013.

shahin badar brought up in kuwait and uk is an award winning singer/songwriter and a powerfull performer .Her dynamic indian vocal chants featured on the prodigy's smash hit single 'smack my bitch up' and 'get up get off'.

Her Alaap chant's on smack my bitch up took the world by storm and still reighn's today and played in every club festival's around the world.

she further released singles with indian ropeman 66 meter's which charted no.16 in the independent chart's in uk and a club house…

Happiness (Champion Mix)
Supafly, Shahin Badar (Champion mix)
X-Energy Records2012
Happiness (Champion Mix)
Supafly, Shahin Badar (Champion mix)X-Energy Records2012