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Ed Askew

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Ed Askew

Ed Askew has been played on NTS shows including Play It As It Lathes w/ Zach Cowie, with Peter And David first played on 30 November 2018.

Ed Askew (born Edward C. Askew in Stamford, Connecticut, in 1940) is an American singer-songwriter and painter who first recorded in 1968. He collaborated with Sharon Van Etten on his 2013 album For the World.

Askew is known for his album in the original ESP Disk’s vague rock/folk/freak series, issued eponymously and since reissued as Ask The Unicorn.

Years later, thanks to detective work by Clint Simonson of the De Stijl Records imprint, it turned out that Askew had…

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Ed Askew
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