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Yorgo Bacanos

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Yorgo Bacanos

Yorgo Bacanos has been played on NTS in shows including Nabihah Iqbal , featured first on 18 December 2018. Songs played include Selmek Taksim.

Yorgo Bacanos (1900-1977) was a Turkish musician of Greek-Gypsy descent

Bacanos was born in Silivri, a small town near Istanbul, on the 21st September 1900. He was from a Greek-Gypsy family among whose members were musicians such as Aleko Baconos, his elder brother, Anastas, his uncle. Sotiri and Paraşko, his cousins, all well-known kemençe players of their time. Leondi Efendi and Ligori Efendi, his grandfathers, and Haralambos Efendi his father, too, were practising musicians, who played kemençe, kanun, and lavta (Turkish version…

Selmek Taksim
Yorgo Bacanos
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Selmek Taksim
Yorgo BacanosKalan Müzik0