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Toño Rosario

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Toño Rosario

Toño Rosario was first played on NTS on 10 January 2019. Songs played include Kulikitaka Ti.

Máximo Antonio del Rosario (born November 3, 1955), known as Toño Rosario is a merengue singer well-known in his native Dominican Republic and Latin America. He is often mocked (even by himself) for his "ugly" looks and he even adopted the nickname "El Cuco" (The Boogeyman).

Rosario was born in Higuey, a province in the Dominican Republic. Since childhood, he and his brothers showed interest in music, even playing self-created instruments like bottle caps, plastic containers, and others. Soon they started singing and playing in the neighbourhood and started what…

Kulikitaka Ti
Toño Rosario
Kulikitaka Ti
Toño RosarioWeaCaribe2003