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Mario Più

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Mario Più

Mario Più has been played on NTS in shows including BUBBLES, featured first on 15 January 2019. Songs played include Bass Control.

Mario Più is a DJ/Producer from Livorno and he's one of the nicest members of the BXR Team. He's 33, he's got a girlfriend, he loves motorbikes, especially Harley Davidson ones, but he loves so much the music that it's become his job, too.

Mario is a professional DJ who was able to remain on the European music scene for over than ten years. His unmistakable sound has had an evolution, from the Mediterranean Progressive to the Techno sound, well, Supertechno sound.

And don't forget…

Bass Control
Mario Piu', DJ Arabesque
Bass Control
Mario Piu', DJ ArabesqueBXR2000