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XL Capris

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XL Capris

XL Capris has been played on NTS in shows including Yesterday's News, featured first on 10 April 2019. Songs played include Shark Horror.

Original lineup: Julie Anderson (d) aka Nancy Serapax - Tim Gooding (g,v) aka Errol Cruz - Johanna Pigott (b,v) aka Alligator Bagg - Kimble Rendall (g,v) aka Dag Rattler 1980: Michael Farmer replaced Julie Anderson. Todd Hunter replaced Kimble Rendall. Michael Chirnside(b) joins. 1980: Barry Blackler joined as 2nd drummer.

Formed in Sydney, Australia, at the end of 1978, the XL CAPRIS soon acquired a healthy following on the punk/alternarive circuit when they formed their own AXLE RECORDS and released two singles and one album…

Shark Horror
XL Capris
Axle, 7 Records1981
Shark Horror
XL CaprisAxle, 7 Records1981