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Les Vautours

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Les Vautours

Les Vautours was first played on NTS on 2 June 2019. Songs played include Come Direct.

There are at least two bands with the name Les Vautours (The Vultures):

1) Early 60's rock and roll band from France. Their complete membership over the course of two albums was:

Vic Laurens - Vocals & Guitar Pierrot Klein - Guitar Christian Bois - Bass Samy Steiner - Bass Ange Beltran - Drums Tony Falla - Drums

2) A garage rock revivalist band from Montreal, Quebec.

P. Vautour - Vocals & Guitar Azure De Grace - Vocals & Guitar Sebatien Sweetheart - Drums Keven Kek - Bass & Vocals

Come Direct
Les Vautours
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Come Direct
Les VautoursHit Parade0