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Boz Metzdorf

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Boz Metzdorf

Boz Metzdorf has been played on NTS in shows including Janie Jones, featured first on 4 July 2019. Songs played include Sails Across the Sea.

Boz Metzdorf’s album Signs of Seasons, a cosmic folk ode to and from America’s heartland at the turn of another century, is given new space for its enduring charisma with a first ever digital reissue on Anthology Recordings.

Robert “Boz” Metzdorf — aka Biz Mitzwah, the art design sobriquet he used in the credits for Signs of Seasons— arrived at the tail end of World War II in Norfolk, Virginia to a naval officer father and a mother entranced by…

Sails Across the Sea
Boz Metzdorf
Centurion Records1979
Sails Across the Sea
Boz MetzdorfCenturion Records1979