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The Head Zone w/ Ripley Johnson & Umberto

Portland, 04.07.19

With Moon Duo

Step into The Head Zone - one hour of musical selections from the mind of Moon Duo's Ripley Johnson.


  • Boz Metzdorf 
    Sails Across the Sea
  • Moon Duo 
    Stars Are The Light
  • Onna 
    母なればこそ [Were You To Become A Mother]
  • Rick Cuevas 
    The Birds
  • Art Lown 
    Deep Blue Sea
  • Cozmic Corridors 
    Niemand Versteht
  • Valley Of The Sun Publishing
    Hypnogogic Sound / Vibration Tape (Excerpt)
  • Biosphere 
    Poa Alpina
  • Gigi Masin 
  • Pieter Nooten, Michael Brook 
  • Roger Eno 
    A Paler Sky
  • Aaron Martin 
    To Stems Unclasped the Petals Cling
  • Umberto
    Final Exit (Excerpt)
  • Big Star 
  • David Lynch & Alan R. Splet
    Eraserhead Soundtrack (Excerpt)