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The Poems

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The Poems

The Poems has been played on NTS shows including Silent Servant Presents: Optimistic Decay, with Achieving Unity first played on 31 July 2019.

There are three bands with the name The Poems, two from the United Kingdom, both from Glasgow (though 20 years apart from each other), the third is russian romantic emo/post-hardcore band.

The Poems (early 80s): There is little known about the first group. They released one EP, Achieving Unity, in 1981, before Rose McDowall moved to the group Strawberry Switchblade. The members included Rose McDowall (of Strawberry Switchblade, Boyd Rice and Friends, Sorrow, Spell [with Boyd Rice], and collaborations with Coil and Current…

Achieving Unity
The Poems
Polka Records1981
Achieving Unity
The PoemsPolka Records1981