Silent Servant Presents: Optimistic Decay

Los Angeles, 30.07.19

With Silent Servant

Leftfield techno flag-bearer Silent Servant, who heads up the Jealous God label with Regis and James Ruskin, holds down a monthly 2 hour session from NTS' studio in Los Angeles.


  • The Poems
    Achieving Unity
  • Mueran Humanos
    Los Problemas del Futuro / Problems of The Future
  • TodoTodo
    Auto Gas ( Luis Costa Edit )
  • In Trance 95
  • June
    A1 Silver Demon
  • Nausea
    No Conversation
  • The Poems
    B1 & B2 Achieving Unity
  • Soft Cell
    The Girl With The Patent Leather Face
  • Ministry
    Same Old Madness (1982 Demo)
  • Buzz Kull
  • Savage Grounds
    End Of Pain
  • Amato, Adriani
    Falling Inside
  • Alessandro Adriani
    Ritorno Alla Vita Corporea
  • Die Krupps Featuring Nitzter Ebb
    True Work Mix
  • Daniel Holt
    Disassembled Self
  • Psyche
    From Beyond
  • M.W. Cuts
    Das Geschwader
  • Diseño Corbusier
    Golpe De Amistad
  • DJ Skull
    Don't Stop The Beat
  • ERP
  • Anne Clark
    Sleeper In Metropolis (Short Cut)
  • DJ Ki
    Erase The Time
  • Zawideh
    Newton's Sleep
  • Zeit Echo feat. Lidia Fiala ( Mick Wills mix )
    Secretary (Mick Wills Cut)
  • Tanzkonsol
  • Psyche
    Unveiling The Secret
  • Cabaret Voltaire
    I Want You
  • Pete Smith & Jon Tye
    Mlo > Spike

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