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The Kane Gang

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The Kane Gang

The Kane Gang has been played on NTS shows including Confusing Mix w/ Josh Da Costa, with Brother, Brother first played on 20 September 2019.

Kane Gang was a blue-eyed soul trio from North East England that had a few UK hits and one U.S. hit in the 1980s. They named themselves after the movie, Citizen Kane.

Vocalists Martin Brammer (b. c. 1958, in Seaham, County Durham) and Paul Woods and multi-instrumentalist Dave Brewis formed the trio in 1982, after meeting in small local bands, and signed to a small record label, which led to a deal with London Records in 1984.

Their debut album, Bad and…

Brother, Brother
Kane Gang
Kitchenware Records1983
Brother, Brother
Kane GangKitchenware Records1983